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Top 5 Nature Friendly Packaging Solutions in The Current Year

Top 5 Nature Friendly Packaging Solutions in The Current Year

This earth is a beloved home for our next coming generations. Unfortunately, due to global warming, melting ice, piles of trash everywhere, this planet is in danger. The significant contamination involved is non-eco-friendly packaging being used for many years. 

Now many countries have banned plastic bags because plastic cannot dissolve for hundreds of years. A green solution for the addressed problem is using an eco-friendly packaging solution that mainly includes Kraft packaging.

Green packaging is dissolvable and is produced from natural and biodegradable materials that are safe for people and the ecosystem.

Benefits of Nature-Friendly Packaging

If non-eco-friendly packaging materials are replaced with biodegradable green packaging, then this problem may overcome.

  • Green packaging is easy to recycle. Since it is biodegradable, this is by far the best environmentally friendly solution available these days.
  • Raw production for such materials is also pretty healthy for the environment because of fewer carbon emissions and waste.
  • Due to organic raw materials, materials with significantly fewer energy resources are needed for production.
  • Less synthetic chemicals are used hence best for health and nature.
  • Green packaging creates a positive image of your business as people are more conscious of nature and aware of environmental pollution.
  • Green packaging is excellent and economical for your business since the cost of manufacturing such packaging is significantly less.
  • Eco-friendly packaging uses less material, whereas traditional one uses more to manufacture. It’s a versatile packaging and can be used anywhere.

Which Packaging is Eco-Friendly?

If someone decides to be a green ecosystem-friendly business person, it’s essential to know about alternatives to the non-eco-friendly packages. So let see the most used eco-friendly options we have for packaging.

1- Recyclable packaging materials

One of the most famous, biodegradable, and reusable options we have is Kraft packaging, and this packaging is highly reusable and utterly green to nature. Kraft is extracted from nature and suitable for the protection of the products.

Using Kraft can positively affect nature because tons of cardboard are being thrown away like trash. That garbage is easily reusable for packaging material manufacturing and is number one for every eco-friendly topic because of its high reusability.

2- Eco-Friendly Box Fillers

Bio-Degradable packing filler peanuts are the alternative to the Styrofoam and EPS fillers that are non-biodegradable, and they work far better than the regular Styrofoam.

Also, bubble wrap is very lethal for the ecosystem since it doesn’t decompose. So instead, we can use the wrap made of a corrugated cardboard material that serves the same as bubble wrapping.

3- Cornstarch

Cornstarch is extracted from corn grain and is highly organic with the same properties as plastic, and can be used as an alternative to plastic. However, cornstarch is a little bit expensive than Kraft packaging because its extraction is harrowing.

4- Mushroom Packaging

A very nice and better alternative to non-degradable packaging is mushroom packaging. Agriculture waste can be added to mushroom roots to produce organic packaging. It is made of organic waste, so it is an excellent biodegradable packaging solution that does not affect the environment. 

5- Fabrics

Many businesses use plastic bags for packing their goods, although it is not eco-friendly and very harmful to nature.

Fabrics are excellent options to use as a packaging solution because fabrics include hemp, cotton, different leaves. In addition, these bags are reusable and recyclable and suitable for the environment.

Which Materials are Suitable to Make Eco-Friendly Packaging? 

Eco-friendly materials are always a good idea because they help the environment by not using materials that harm it and/or use specific materials that are biodegradable. The following items can be used to make eco-friendly boxes: cardboard, paperboard, corn starch, sugar cane bags (which I’ll talk about more later), Styrofoam peanuts, or rice hulls.

1- Cardboard 

It is one of the most commonly recycled materials in our society today and as such has an extended lifespan when it becomes scrap which makes it very desirable for people who want their box to last long enough without having to purchase new ones every time, they need them. These boxes are recyclable up to many times and they do not harm the environment. 

2- Paperboard

These materials are also a great option to make ecological boxes out of because they are made from materials that have been recycled so many times before. These boxes are more suitable for food items. 

3- Corn Starch 

This may sound familiar to you if you’ve ever put corn starch on your clothes when ironing them but did you know it can also be used in the manufacturing process as a substitute for toxic materials such as formaldehyde and acetone? The great thing with this material is that unlike Styrofoam, which never goes away no matter how much we recycle it, corn starch biodegrades within weeks (or even days) depending on environmental factors like humidity levels. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly materials out there.

4- Sugar Cane Bag 

So, I mentioned sugar cane bags earlier, didn’t I? Well, this is where they come into play. Made from the stalks of sugar cane, these materials are biodegradable and compostable making them an instant eco-friendly choice. What’re more, sugar cane materials have high thermal insulation meaning that not only can they be used in food packaging to replace Styrofoam but also for insulating your house or office.

5- Corrugated Stocks

These corrugated are very durable and eco-friendly at the same time. Made from materials such as paper, cardboard, and fiberboard they can be recycled or used to make eco-friendly packaging boxes. In addition, these materials are fairly inexpensive so companies don’t need a lot of money in order to stock up on them.


As mentioned above, there are many alternatives to non-biodegradable packaging solutions, but nowadays, Kraft packaging is best. This is because most of the other options are more expensive to extract or produce, but Kraft is a highly recyclable and biodegradable material for packaging. Therefore, Stampa Prints is a perfect option that provides the best eco-friendly packaging solutions with all types of custom boxes made of Kraft. Stampa Prints is the biggest supporter of green packaging.

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