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Fire Risk Assessments Birmingham

Fire Risk Assessments Birmingham

Keeping Birmingham’s Employees Safe
In 2006, legislation was introduced to ensure that the responsible person of every place of work would carry out risk assessments. Fire risk assessments in Birmingham are offered by a large number of providers,enabling you to ensure that you find the most suitable provider for your business’ needs. 

Being such a big City, Birmingham has thousands of businesses. Many of Birmingham’s companies have thousands of employers. If a business is negligent regarding its fire risk assessments, potentially thousands of people are at risk (in the event of a fire). In light of recent events, as the second biggest City behind London, duty and compliance of fire safety is of the utmost importance. 

Keep Birmingham safe by ensuring your business is adhering to laws regarding fire safety and fire risk assessments. 

Why Fire Risk Assessments are Fundamentally Important

Fire risk assessments focus on identifying potential causes of fire, assessing the threat to people and providing the most effective solutions. Risk assessments must be carried out by the ‘responsible person.’Ultimately, a fire risk assessment should minimise the likelihood of a fire. The likelihood is reduced when potential fire hazards are observed, acknowledged and acted upon to prevent the risk escalating into a fire.

All workplaces are bound by the Regulatory Reform Act (Fire Safety) 2005 to have a Fire Risk Assessment in place. If your business has more than five employees, or you have more than one premises then your findings from your fire risk assessments must be documented, recorded and kept safe. 

Employers, owners, landlords and occupiers are all responsible for fire safety in the form of fire risk assessments. Other people in control of a premises such as a facilities manager or the building manager are also responsible as a ‘responsible person.’ In many workplaces, there will be more than one responsible person, in which case, all said people must work together to meet legislation and responsibilities. 

A 3rd person can be appointed to complete fire risk assessments, this person will become a ‘competent person.’You can choose a Fire protection company to complete your fire risk assessments, which is a popular choice. The fire protection company would then be liable and face legal anything if anything goes wrong.

It is also worthwhile to note that your fire risk assessment will need reviewing and updating if any significant changes occur (such as a change of premises or a room repurpose). It is however recommended, that assessments are renewed annually even if no significant changes have occurred.

Think this FACT

‘The UK Fire and Rescue statistics…from a sample of 457 premises, 130 premises did not have a risk assessment carried out, and from 315 premises that did have a risk assessment carried out, the fire safety measures in place were only considered to be totally adequate in one premises.’

Would you be that one company which is considered to be totally adequate?

If the answer is no: there are so many fire safety companies to choose from, providers of fire risk assessments in and around Birmingham are in abundance.

Protect your employees, protect your business and protect your reputation.

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