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The Online Availability of Metal Blackening Solutions

The Online Availability of Metal Blackening Solutions

The technique of blackening metal has been around for a good few years, yet never before has this technology been available from an online supplier. Room temperature blackening means everyone can take advantage of this procedure, and a UK based company now supplies kits that allow for room temperature metal blackening to be carried out anywhere by anyone.


This is a popular way to add some real character to an antique piece, and market leaders, Blackfast have developed a solution that increases the visual appeal of brass, pewter, copper and nickel items by lending a brownish tint to some of the surface. You can now order online metal blackening kits that contain everything you need to carry out the blackening process at home, and turn your antiques into something special.

Range of Applications

Here are just a few of the items that can benefit from metal blacking:

  • Window and door fittings
  • Figurines
  • Jewellery
  • Badges, buckles and buttons
  • Plates
  • Coins

Of course, this is only a selection of the items that can be blackened, and if you would like to see a demonstration before you actually apply the solution, the online supplier has branches in the south of England where you can see for yourself how effective the process can be.

Cost Effective Metal Protection

It might be that you wish to provide some protection for metal surfaces, and with precision made parts, adding a coating is not really an option. The blackening process is anti-corrosive and the immersion process enables the solution to permeate even the smallest of areas, leaving an even protection that does not affect the dimensions of the item in question. The blackening process is ideal when you need to protect precision made components that cannot have their dimensions increased, and with room temperature solutions you can order online, anyone can take advantage of the metal blackening process.

Expert Advice

The online supplier would have a very informative website that can answer any questions you might have about the blackening process, and should you have any queries, their online support team would be only too happy to oblige.

The Blackening Kits

The kit would contain everything you need to set up the metal blackening process, which includes the multiple baths, an adequate amount of each solution, thermometer strips and an instructional CD. Once the system is in place, you can top of the solutions as they run low, and when you consider how cost effective DIY blacking is, you will no doubt make it a regular addition in your metalworking endeavours. The kits are ideal for a small engineering workshop and you can even set one up in your garage at home. The fact that this can now be carried out at room temperature makes metal blacking possible anywhere, and with online suppliers, ordering has never been easier.

If you would like to know more about blackening kits, an online search will put you in touch with a kit supplier, and you can begin to use this cost-effective way to enhance and protect metal.

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