What is commonly known as Fine art Jewellery, can be split into three different categories: 

  1. Jewellery that is generated from metal
  2. Jewellery that is strung onto a wire or thread
  3. Jewellery manufactured from fibre. 

Instances of jewellery made from metal include rings, bracelets, Swarovski bangles, choker necklaces, pendants and brooches that usually have been created by casting, heating and/or bending the metal. 

Fine art jewellery that is strung onto a wire or thread might be made from a number of different materials, which can include gemstones, glass, fused glass or common stone. 

Practically every sort of jewellery can be made by stringing, and this includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles and rings. The sky is the limit regarding the designer’s imagination!

Precious or Common Metals

Metal art jewellery can be made by utilising either precious metals, like gold and silver, or a common metal, as in copper. People whose business is in jewellery design are usually familiar with a combination of methods, which will involve cutting, bending, assembling metal and casting. 

Metals can be heated, joined and then hammered to create a nice texture and then if wished for, add enamel or gems or many other materials into the jewellery piece. 

Always Popular

Today, a lot of modern jewellery designers design and make pieces by stringing together parts like beads and pendants. Beads typically are always thought of as being round, but they can actually come in a range of different shapes and sizes and some of them are quite large.

  • The beads themselves are manufactured from many sorts of materials, which can include glass, bone, and crystal, pearl and acrylic. 

And there’s also other materials out there which beads can be made from such as wood, shells, clay and other materials. 

  • After selecting the beads for stringing, the designer must then go on to make a design that is visually pleasing and appealing.

Making and Making a Sale

Nowadays, there are numerous books and magazines about beading, and bead fans can also go to bead shows or on the Internet to buy a massive range of beads from all over the planet. Many fans of beadwork like to sell their handmade jewellery online at various arts and crafts website, different festivals, and chic expensive jewellery stores.

Matters of Fibre Jewellery

This is a different classification of jewellery and because of the flexibility of fibre materials, such as silk, hemp yarn, and felt, it has become more suitable for some custom jewellery designers. 

  • Fibre may be either woven or twisted into necklaces and bracelets and designers will frequently mix fibre jewellery with other types of materials such as beads or shells.

Artists who manufacture handmade fine art accessories will commonly concentrate on the aesthetic appeal for all of their works of art, including line, shape, colour, value and texture.

Fine art jewellery is nowadays more than ever before, being prized by many collectors for its artistic quality and one of a kind allure.