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How To Decorate Towels In The Hotel For Guests

How To Decorate Towels In The Hotel For Guests

Decorative towels do provide a good look to the hotel room. They also save a lot of space in the room so that more hotel essentials can be kept in the room. There are many ways in which a hotel towel can be folded. And these ways are easy too so many hotels are decoratively folding their towels so that they can satisfy their guest in every way possible. 

Ways To Make Hotel Towels Decorative

There are many ways in which hotels can make their hotel towels decorative. Some of the ways are as follows:

Folding Them In Neat Rolls

Hotels can fold their towels in cylindrical rolls so that they look clean and classy to the guests. To roll a towel like that at first the towel should be folded into a triangle and then rolled and after that the loose end should be tucked inside the little pocket that is generated when the towel is rolled. 

This is how a hotel can get its very own nicely rolled towel. This is also very easy so the staff will be able to learn this technique fast and then roll all the towels like this. 

Animal Folds To The Towels

Hotel towels can also be folded in some animal shapes like swans, rabbits, cats, etc. Folding hotel towels in this way will be a little tricky at first but with practice and time, the hotel staff will be able to do it. After folding the hotel towels in these ways they can be kept on the bed so that guests can use them whenever they need them. 

Folding the towels like these will give guests a good feeling and they will have fun looking at the shapes in which the hotel towels are folded. 

Hang The Towels In A Fancy Way

What hotels do is they just hang the towels on the rods in a simple way and then it does not look decorative. There are also some ways in which the hotel towels can be hung on the rods in a very decorative way. Staff can take both the ends of the towel and tie a knot above the rod so that it can create a good little pocket below the rod in which essentials can be kept. 

This way the towels will be hung in a decorative way rather than in the old boring way. And the guest will also get happy seeing the towels hung in this way. 

Will Bleach Damage White Towels?

If you don’t pay attention to the specifics, such as going beyond the required pre-soak time, overfilling the bleach dispenser in your washing machine, or pouring bleach directly to your laundry without diluting it, you can harm bleach-safe linens. All of these elements can cause yellowing or other symptoms of wear, and they can all be avoided by simply following the bleach label’s directions. If your primary goal in purchasing white towels or linens is to be able to bleach them, there are a few things you need do first. First and foremost, look for a bleach-safe emblem or bleaching instructions on the care label. You’re good to go if the label states it’s bleach-safe.

How to roll towels

Rolled towels have an ordered, clean style that contributes to the luxury of the world’s top boutique hotels, resorts, and spas – so it’s only natural that you’d want to replicate it at home.

Knowing how to fold towels is one thing, but knowing how to roll towels will instantly enhance your bathroom ideas, but which approach is best for your space?

Our two smaller bathrooms in our present house make decorating a challenge. I opted to use the Bathroom towel bar after numerous attempts at adding flair to this little space. I’ve always appreciated hotels’ towel folding techniques. It gives the space a luxurious and modern feel. Before I got the exact style/look I wanted, I did a lot of research and trial and error. I wanted a basic and clean design that didn’t make an already small space seem even smaller. I’ve included step-by-step directions for creating the look below! For a simple design, utilise all three layers or only the bottom layer.


So these above we’re how hotels can hang their hotel towels in the hotel rooms to make the guest happy. When it comes to making the guests happy the hotel should take care of everything and try to make everything fancy so that the guests have a good experience staying in the hotel. 

Hotel towels are one of the essentials that are very common in any hotel room. So rather than keeping them in a boring and simple way the hotel should fold them nicely to give a decorative touch to the hotel room. This also looks good and people love it. 

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