Fixed deposit is referred to as one of the best financial instruments that are provided by mostly all banks and financial institutions. Fixed deposits come with flexible duration, predetermined interest rate, and guarantee returns. 

Even with the market changes, the investors always earned the pre-determined FD interest rate. The tenure of this investment is 7 days to 10 years. The more you deposit an amount for a long time, the higher the interest is applicable and earned due to compounding power.

What is an FD calculator?

The fixed deposit calculator is an online free tool that helps investors to calculate the FD maturity amount for a fixed time. By using the FD calculator, you can determine the interest income before investing in it.  This tool takes the interest rate, investment amount, and tenure as input. After this, it will provide you with the wealth gain and maturity amount as output.  

The fixed deposit calculator gives you an estimate of wealth gain and does not provide the claim or assurance of value estimate based on inputs offered.  You can easily use this FD to calculate and estimate the maturity to make an investment-related decision. 

Why use the FD calculator?

As similar to financial investment, investment in fd also need the proper analysis and close look at the financial profile. Here are the factors in which the FD calculator helps you a lot

  • Simplify the investment calculation.

Calculating the returns on the maturity of fd are a complex process that involves multiple variables. The FD calculator helps you to receive accurate estimations without breaking a sweat.

  • Evaluate the risks 

Using the FD calculator permits you to check the returns that you get from your investment. It gives you a security sense, as it helps to reduce the risks and give guaranteed earnings. If you do not want to face risks later, then the fd interest rate calculator helps you to determine how much you need to invest in FD to get specific returns.

  • Time savings process

Using the FD interest rate calculator helps to reduce the time that you spend planning an investment. You can easily perform complex calculations with a single click on the button of this calculator.

  • Compare different Fds

The FD calculator is used to compare the different types of FD programs offered by financial institutions or banks. It is easy to determine which scheme provides you best returns in the specified period. 

  • Create a good financial plan. 

You can get the estimate of returns that you get from FD investment by using the FD calculator. It allows you to make a close picture of your investment. You can easily determine the investment opportunities and broaden your portfolio to optimize the returns. 


FD interest calculator is an online free tool that helps you to calculate the accurate interest levied on your fixed deposit investment. All the above factors indicate the importance of using a fixed deposit calculator for investors.