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Alliance University School of Business: Blending entrepreneurship with education

Alliance University School of Business: Blending entrepreneurship with education

When it comes to innovation in curriculum, Alliance University surely beats its peers. The University, a brainchild of Founder and Chancellor Sudhir G Angur, is a fascinating example of innovation. Started in 2010 as Alliance School of Business, Alliance University has grown a lot over the last decade. The University now comprises of Alliance School of Law, Alliance School of Engineering and Design, and Alliance Ascent College, apart from the Alliance School of Business.

Carrying forward the tradition of revolutionary ideas, the Chancellor of Alliance University is all set to give the varsity a major makeover. The University is planning expansion by starting new colleges for Science, Arts and Humanities, Medicine and Dentistry, Education and Human Services, Health Sciences, and Media and Communication.

The news came after Alliance University received recognition as the Best Education Brand, 2017 by The Economic Times, a leading business daily. Alliance School of Business also made it to the ‘Top  Business Schools in India’, owing to the pioneering leadership of Chancellor Sudhir G Angur. The recognition was yet another milestone in the progressive journey of Alliance University.

Alliance School of Business has gathered wide acclaim within a short span of time. According to the education critics, this is largely due to its innovative curriculum, which blends entrepreneurship with education. The School of Business is harnessing a treasure trove of bright ideas and future business leaders, several educationists have pointed out.

According to Alliance University Chancellor Sudhir G Angur, the chief vision behind incorporating entrepreneurship education in curriculum was to help students develop transversal skills in a broader sense. “Entrepreneurial education is all about developing a general set of competences applicable to life and work, and not simply about learning how to run a business.” 

He added, “Being entrepreneurial has several meanings to it. A person can be ‘entrepreneurial’ as an employee. He can also be socially entrepreneurial, and find solutions to social problems. Being entrepreneurial can also mean possessing a sense of starting a new business. Entrepreneurship is relevant to all forms of learning and is not necessarily a commercial objective.”

Since entrepreneurship is a socially-oriented skill, Alliance University School of Business teaches it as a kind of networking. The lecturers aim to provide the students with a more holistic approach through comprehensive teaching, by implementing specific methods like inclusion of narratives, presentations etc. 

Chancellor Sudhir G Angur believes that more and more universities should encourage entrepreneurship in students, whether it is commercial or social in nature. “Practical coursework blends theoretical knowledge of traditional business literature with the palpable needs of modern business management. I believe that education should be aimed at providing students with action-driven, hands-on experience, rather than being aimed at generating bookworms who know nothing but the theory,” he said.

Under the leadership of its Chancellor, Alliance University is dedicatedly working towards fostering an entrepreneurship bent in higher education. It is aiding a large number of students to jumpstart their entrepreneurship journey by providing them an all-inclusive package of resources, instructions and study material, which has been compiled after extensive research.

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