Although we are all aware of the risks when we step outside, accidents do happen, and for some, the injuries sustained affect the quality of life. You might have been a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident, or perhaps you slipped over on a wet floor, and in the event you feel that a third party’s negligence had something to do with the accident, you should look into making a claim for personal injury compensation. For those who think they might have a claim, here is a step by step guide to the claim making process.

  1. Make Contact with an Experienced Personal Injury Solicitor – This can easily be done online, and whether you are looking for a brain injury lawyer in Kent or Hampshire, a location based Google search will put you in contact with an experienced firm in your area. Once you have made contact, it is best to arrange a face to face meeting, when the lawyer can take a look at your case and assess your chances of success.
  1. Evaluate the Claim – The personal injury lawyer would want to see all documentation relating to the injury, which might include any medical reports, of hospital information, and the contact details of any witnesses. He will ask you if you have any images of the scene of the accident, or indeed, of your injuries, as these can be very helpful if the case does go to court.
  1. No Win No Fee – This is something that most law firms will consider, especially if they feel you have a strong case. Many claims are settled out of court, as the third party does not dispute they were negligent, and in such a case, a speedy and satisfactory outcome can be engineered by your solicitor.
  1. Building a Strong Case – One thing your solicitor can do is help you to put together a strong case, and together, you will be able to present your case in a compelling manner, and hopefully, arrive at a satisfactory result. For a person with little or no legal experience to attempt to make a compensation claim, they would have a much reduced chance of success.
  1. Settling Out of Court – If, for example, a car driver was clearly at fault, and was, in fact, negligent, then usually the case would be settled out of court, which would involve the legal representatives of both parties sitting down to negotiate. This occurs more than you would think, and it is the time when your lawyer’s skills come into play, and hopefully, you will receive a satisfactory outcome.

With the right legal counsel, many people go on to receive a fair settlement and if you think you have suffered a personal injury due to a third party’s negligence, an online search will point you in the right direction.